Version mismatch between various Dgraph cloud locations

Since I have once again tried to move my service from a US Shared Cluster to an EU Shared Cluster, and again ran into the issue that the Dgraph version mismatch between these two location causes my application to completely crash (this time because the EU version does not accept JSON syntax for dql.mutate or dql.query), I have decided to post here in addition to my support ticket which I have submitted.

First of all, why is there a version mismatch at all? What is the problem of keeping all locations on the same version?

For Shared Clusters we currently have:

  • US East (N.Virginia) → v21.03.0-92-g0c9f60156
  • US West (Oregon) → v21.03.0-78-ge4ad0b113
  • EU Central (Frankfurt) → v21.03.0-78-ge4ad0b113
  • Asia South (India) → v21.03.0-69-g88e4aa07c

Furthermore, not a single Shared Cluster is running on the latest v21.12 (Zion) version yet! I mean, the entire docu is built around this version, is it only for Dedicated Clusters?

To be honest, I’m getting a bit annoyed about this. I’ve been trying to contact sales for about a year now to find out what a Dedicated Cluster would roughly cost for my needs. I have not received a single answer so far! Are you guys not interested in selling me your product?

Since we are based in Europe (and as you probably know, we have quite strict rules regarding data protection), I’m basically forced to have my Dgraph database on an EU Cluster. So please keep this updated and/or give us the possibility to update ourselves!

I’m on the edge of just paying someone to take care of my server and host Dgraph myself!