Visualization no longer allows you to zoom out all the way

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Posted by danielmai:

We got this report from a user. This used to be possible? It’s a big “WOW” feature when you can show a demo to users about the scale of the data by zooming out a lot.

paulftw commented :

Works for me on play / latest in Chrome.

We always had a hardcoded limit on how far you can zoom out, but that limit hasn’t been touched for a year or more.

Can they provide more details on what query / graph is misbehaving?
At least a screenshot would help

danielmai commented :

Hm, that’s what I figured. I’ll try to get more details.

mikehawkes commented :

Sorry for the delay - I’ve cleared down and reinstalled today - and it looks like it’s all doing what it should again. Sorry for any confusion - happy to close this one.

paulftw commented :

no worries. good you’ve pinged us about a feature you cared about