What is the login password for dgraph version 20.07.1?

I don’t need to log in to version 2.0.0,Do I have to pay for using version 20.07.1

The default password is password. But uh, I have no idea what … if that is an external server then you will need to get the password from the administrator is the server where the alpha node is located,alpha node and ratel node in the same server.I have two question:
1、I don’t understand what external servers mean . Is the current browser and alpha node not on the same server? or the alpha node belongs to the local area network, which can only be accessed through the fortress machine?
2、If that is an external server,do I have to pay to get the password from the administrator?

The IP with mosaic below is the server IP of the bastion machine.Should I get my password from the administrator?

External server means server that you are not in control of.

Are you using the enterprise edition of Dgraph?

Sorry,i am new to dgraph. How to distinguish dgraph enterprise edition from community edition on GitHub?

ACL is an enterprise only feature. The version on github is the community edition (to keep things simple)

The dgraph I installed was downloaded from GitHub. Is it a community version? Why is there ACL authentication. The download version is as follows:

Yes it’s the community edition. Ratel, the frontend, is used for both community and enterprise edition. Basically the idea is that you can use Ratel to connect to both community and enterprise editions

Can this be interpreted as a successful connection, but I ignore the login ACL verification, which can be mutated and query.

Agree. I’ve put in a request so that the documentation is more clear about this

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Thank you for your timely reply and wish dgraph will be better and better

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