What predicates will show on dgraph-ratel?

my schema

point: uid @count @reverse .
ipvalue: string @index(term) .
hostname: string @index(term) .

as you see , the predicates ‘hostname’ will show on ratel but i p value disappear ? why?
if i change ‘ipvalue’ to ‘ipvaluename’ ,will it show?

query string is:

bladerunner(func: allofterms(hostname, “061092207229.ctinets.com”)) {
point {

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This is only a visualysation from Ratel what matters is he JSON result. Is kind of impossible predict de usability from all users. So if you need to see the visualisation lableled just use the field “Enter regex for labels”. And for example use “hostname” but hostname need to have some data. Like a string. You can put any predicate there.

after my test , I found that the dgraph-ratel will show the predicates like ‘%name’
i change ipvalue to ipname ,then it is shown in the web ,i think you should add this rule to your official documents? isn’it ?

It’s not that important, cuz it’s intuitive. But of course, we can put details of this in the documentation.

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