When will dgraph 21.03 release?

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What I want to do

i wanner known when will dgraph 21.03 release.

What I did

we are planning deploy dgraph 21.03 to our production environment.

if we import our data into latest builded dgraph from newest master branch, and when 21.03 release, we switch to 21.03 directly, will there be some problem ?

I can’t speak for migration, but according to the community call, the week of April 7th

I assume 21.03 = March 2021 - Since next release is 21.07, they seem to release a new version once a quarter. Usually things are released right after the quarter is complete.

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Well, import via liveloader or bulkloader is 100% safe. What isn’t safe is trying to upgrade between major versions. But you can also do it if there are no big changes. When we have a tag like “Breaking”, you should export and import in the new version.

More or less correct. Actual timelines will be fuzzed a bit due to bugfixes etc.