Why do docs beyond 1.1.0 leave out installation details?

If you compare the “Getting Started” page (https://docs.dgraph.io/v1.1.0/get-started/), after 1.1.0 there is no longer documentation over different ways to set up Dgraph – it assumes everyone will be happy just running with Docker.

One can go to the Deploy section, but first of all you’d have to think to do that, and then you have to dig a little to find the Single Host setup.

Maybe at least there should be a link to the Deploy page for “more options”.

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I agree, pls open a PR or Issue.

Staring with 1.2 there’s a new version of the get-started page (at https://docs.dgraph.io/get-started/) and it contains a link to the Deploy page.

Hey @riverfr0zen,

The getting started page contains resources for quickstart, but for production use cases, you need to use the methods in the deploy section.

@hackintoshrao @martinmr for me this doc changes is wrong.

The docs /get-started/ says

See Deploy if you wish to run Dgraph in a cluster.

For those who reads this, don’t imagine that they can check out how to install Dgraph manually. Cuz this statement says it is related only to “creating a cluster”. For a user already used with Dgraph, this terminology is pretty much straightforward. But for new users or newbies. It means something beyond them. Thay won’t understand this as “install dgraph’s binaries”.

Maybe we should add this link https://dgraph.io/downloads Which has an obvious direction about it.

Or even change the text to:

See Deploy if you wish to run Dgraph in a cluster or manual installation details.


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I agree that it’s not clear for a new user if they want to install Dgraph right away and not interested to go through the tutorial series, this page needs some fix, I’ll be creating ticket.

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