Why isn't the graphql.dgraph.io website ever mentioned on the main website?

I just accidentaly encountered graphql.dgraph.io from a forum answer, and it seems to be a major feature, why isn’t it ever mentioned on the main website ?. I spent months building a graphql api atop dgraph, and this could have helped make the job easier. Yet for some reason there isn’t even a link connecting the documentation pages to graphql.dgraph.io.

Hi, glad you like the features. Please use and let us know how you go.

We did post a blog announcing our GraphQL features in late October.

Currently, those features aren’t in a Dgraph release, we’re moving fast towards that and you’ll see those docs improve and more links to them when that happens.

So is this only available if you use the docker image dgraph/standalone:graphql? Can’t use this through the shell script install method?

Is there a roadmap for getting it into releases? Is it something that is planned for Enterprise only, or will it be part of the community release?

Hi, GraphQL support will be part of the free features pretty soon - should be early next year.

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Hi, this seems nice for simple crud ops. Are there any hooks planned, so that you can customize the queries wich are performed against dgraph? auth, filtering, additional queries before/business logic?

@michaelcompton is there any update on GraphQL in DGraph?

The standalone GraphQL docker image hasn’t been updated for ~2 months.

Theoretically, it sounds all good on paper, but but practically, I tried to assemble a deployment.yaml for Kubernetes and it really is a major PITA. Apparently, there are no regular GraphQL builds or docker images. When scrolling through GH, the most recent branch seems to be the mjc/graphql.

Looks like, I have to build from that source to build an up to date docker image myself.

Is that the normal way of handling a feature preview in DGraph?

@stroboshaver yes we have plans for custom logic and customising the actual GraphQL± queries that get run … look out for these in the coming months.

@marvin-hansen Hi, yes we built out that support on a set of branches so we didn’t pollute master before we were ready to release. mjc/graphql has now been merged to Dgraph master, so it’ll get released real soon now.

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@michaelcompton FTW - awesome! You are the hero of the day!


The new v.1.2-rc1 release comes with a bug that prevents alpha nodes to connect with a running zero instance, as reported in the GH issue:

Thanks for reporting it. Looks like it was a docker networking issue.

Solved on the linked Github issue.

@michaelcompton Thanks a lot for your work on the GraphQL stuff. This Docker issue was relatively quickly resolved with a new Docker compose file. I saw a lot of buzz in the GH commit log recently, and the last time I pulled the docker container build from the master branch, a lot of stuff has improved.

I understand GraphQL support is relatively new, still in the making, and may need some more work, but what I saw yesterday was pretty encouraging.

Thank you for all the amazing work & ongoing effort!

while messing around with the current implementation of your query and mutation rewriters
two questions arised:

  1. Are you going to support subscriptions?
    (i know its a little bit harder in a distributed environment - the apollo server has a nice implementation how to handle subscriber connections via your own distributed messaging system (you can easily use Redis, Kafka or RabbitMQ)

  2. Currently there are no built in hooks for additional business logic, which is applied on the serverside exclusivly (like automatically adding createdBy/createdAt/updatedBy/updateAt predicates) or kind of “row-based” filters (e.g. automatic filter nodes by belongsTo uid predicate of user) etc…
    I implemented some ideas but since queries can be constructed in a complex manner things like auto filter sometimes need to result in additional var queries, where query variables for the actual query can be declared etc.
    Are you currently working on those serverside features, or are they even on your roadmap?

Best Regards.

Hi, thanks for the question.

  1. Yes we plan to support subscriptions. It’s going to be in the first release, which is landing real soon, but is likely to be in the next chunk we work on just after that.

  2. Same story - not in the first release, but we have some ideas and will be looking at it soon.