Zero --telemetry flag

Dgraph Zero has the following command line flag:

--telemetry Send anonymous telemetry data to Dgraph devs. (default true)

The default value is a bit misleading. Are anonymous telemetry data always (by default) sent to Dgraph devs, or only when this flag is given to start Zero?

This option is a flag, so I cannot unset it if its default is true.

You can send --telemetry=false to turn that off. See the change log here: dgraph/ at master · dgraph-io/dgraph · GitHub

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Then the confusing bit is that --telemetry false does not work but --telemetry=false does whereas both --port_offset 1 and --port_offset=1 work.

Can you confirm that --telemetry should support both ways --telemetry false and --telemetry=false to be consistent with other options?

Hey @EnricoMi, I understand your concern. This actually comes from the library that we use for CLI. Boolean being a kind of special flag might be handled differently by the library.

See How to get the value of the BoolVar to be false in this case · Issue #613 · spf13/cobra · GitHub, I think it would be better to raise this feature request there.

I understand that, but for me as a user it is dgraph zero that has the inconsistency in the --telemetry flag. Whatever dgraph uses under the hood is Dgraph’s implementation choice. Just thought someone might be interested in what prevented me from deactivating telemetry intuitively.