Any plan for launch a course (maybe udemy)?

Hi guys, I have followed the evolution of Dgraph for a long time, this has gone from being just a graph db to being a completely new way of developing with slash.

Unfortunately this has also become somewhat complicated to understand and at least for me, it is difficult to connect all the dots between the different parts, including authentication / authorization.

I know there are some tutorials and guides on the blog, but I think a complete course could help to attract more people, developing an app from scratch could show the potential of slash / dgraph and solve many doubts.

A few months ago the author of a Nestjs course published his course for free, this has made Nestjs consolidate itself as the favorite framework in typescript and that many people knew the benefits of this framework, I think doing something similar with Dgraph/Slash could be highly positive

I really love this project but I think that deciding to bring a project to production using slash / Dgraph at this point would be tricky as there are not many articles or guides on it and it would depend too much on the official documentation and the forum. The documentation although it is ok, it is somewhat sparse and mostly focused on Graphql + so I consider that a course “from zero to 100” with Dgraph / slash could be a great idea

what dou you think about it?.


We are working on something like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Curating the syllabus - what would you like to see @cocodrino ?

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