Clicking the trash can icon 🗑from the response pane results in blank page

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Posted by danielmai:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Send a number of queries/mutations
  2. On the top-right corner, click on the trash can icon to close the results pane for each of the historical requests.
  3. End up with a blank page with an error in the console.

paulftw commented :

Cannot reproduce. Do you still see this? Is it on play or local ratel?
Can you please upload a screenshot or copypaste the error frim console?

danielmai commented :

I can’t reproduce it now either. I tried ?latest and ?local.

campoy commented :

This is the error message I saw last time:

Also, I’m able to reproduce it still.

campoy commented :

After cleaning the local storage for the website the error disappeared, so this should be something that has changed very recently for latest.

campoy commented :

This is still happening on “latest”, what is your plan to fix this @paulftw ?

paulftw commented :

Should be fixed now. Please re-open if the problem is still happening