Default Email Preferences

I signed up for this Forum on Saturday and I found ~30 emails this morning from random posts (in Chinese no less) that I was not involved in. Someone should probably make the default settings less spammy to make this forum more inviting to newcomers. :slight_smile:

Welcome, Chet. You can control the notifications you receive by watching or unwatching specific topics and/or entire categories.

Correct me if I’m wrong but the default notification settings should not be auto-subscribing you to all existing topics.

Hmm. Default seems to tracking everything…

Those settings say you’ll track topics whenever you post in one or if you’re viewing one for at least 4 minutes. It doesn’t look like you’re tracking everything. You may want to tweak the “Automatically track topics I enter after 4 minutes” to a longer duration (or never).

You can also untrack any topics that you happen to be tracking.

I’m. Idk what’s up then cause I’m still getting a bunch of emails…

Ah. I believe you have mailing list mode enabled, which emails you for every single post. You can disable this in your Email preferences or from unsubscribe link in the footer of any of the emails you receive.

Yeah, I did that. I think I’m just still getting responses to all of the posts that it subscribed me to before…

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