Email notifications: To be or not to be?

Do you find the emails generated by Discourse, distracting?
Should we turn off email notifications that get generated by Discourse?
If we do turn them off, would you still check the site to engage in discussions?

Or, should we just keep them on?

Also, if we have external users who aren’t going to frequently poll the site, they might rely heavily on the email notifications – so we have to keep that in mind as well.

Find the Notifications helpful. My vote is to keep them.


I have Discourse open in a tab and check it once in a while. So I won’t miss anything, but it is ok to have the mail too.

As @mrjn said, for external users email on the topics they are are interested in would make a lot of sense.

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Also, every user can enable or disable email notification and also control when they receive an email. So it’ll be their personal preference.


Right, its a personal preference. So we don’t need to worry about it.