DGraph Product & Company - What is the future?

For anyone remaining at the company. The team I work with needs an update on the future of Dgraph - the Product & Company, following Manish’s depature.

For example, is there anyone working at the company still? Is there support to the product at all?


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@Dgraph_Admin whoever is managing this profile is still here… Can we get any direction or should we all just leave Dgraph and all flow over to something else like Outcaste?

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Ryan and Anthony: see Dgraph's Future and stay tuned.

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Can we ask that you or whoever is in charge put up an actual name instead of just this cover profile. Users want to know the [wo]man behind the curtain.

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Feel free to DM us, otherwise stay tuned. If you’re a paying customer follow the usual procedure to obtain support.

To be honest, you’re not passing the vibe check.


We’ll say more when we’re ready, thanks.

We use Dgraph heavily for an enterprise SaaS product (our monthly bill is in the five figures) and I was pretty worried as well. I don’t want to have to re-architect our entire backend since that would put us months behind schedule. I wanted to let others who might have similar concerns know that I have talked with people who are close to the source and I can say with confidence that Dgraph will be fine. Yes, there will be a transitionary period as they bring new leadership on board, but there’s a solid plan in place to ensure continuity of their services. That is all that matters to me. Whatever happened internally is unfortunate, but Dgraph enterprise is not going anywhere any time soon and in the next couple of months they’ll have addressed the root of the problem and be back up to speed.

But what about deploying 21.12 and fixing all of the problems it has? Or the Oh so many lacking features in GraphQL/DQL. I need more than just a hosted service, I need continual development. And this will be the challenge of Dgraph Labs Inc. I know someone* is trying to help build the team back, but I don’t know if it can be done honestly. I am skeptical… waiting to be proven wrong.


I feel ya, it’s not ideal and there will be short-term pain but I’d give it a few weeks before you lose faith. The project has been around for 6 years so I’m personally willing to give it a little bit more time to see what happens as the team rebuilds. I’m also not one for drama and I have no opinions on whatever happened, I just believe that Dgraph can get back to the place where it is building the DB everyone here loves.