Dgraph's Future

Dear Dgraph stakeholders:

As you may have read, the person who originally coded Dgraph is no longer with the company. Over the last few months it had become clear that this was inevitable. Only the final form it would take was unknown.

After resigning, he improperly used company confidential credentials to make an illegitimate post in the Announcements section of this site in which he made many statements, some accurate, some not. We are considering deleting that post to avoid misleading customers, but for transparency we will not do so for at least 7 more days to give you a chance to read or save it.

Based on the inevitability of this outcome, some of the investors had begun the work of recruiting and assembling a new team of proper graph database experts. We also reached out to many excellent Dgraph engineers who had left the company due to its past culture issues. This has gone well, and the team looks forward to making another announcement shortly not only correcting inaccuracies in the prior post but more importantly, discussing the plan to leverage the many strengths of Dgraph, and address the deficiencies.

There isn’t danger of Dgraph disappearing. If you’re a paying customer, we continue to handle customer support tickets. We’ve received a number of acquisition offers from companies that are excited about Dgraph, which we’re not currently contemplating, and we’ve received funding proposals from several venture firms.

The Dgraph team