Why we are leaving Dgraph

It’s been a couple years since we’ve started using Dgraph. I like the product, in theory. It’s been useful in some of the more complex areas of data analysis and hopefully that will continue on. I’ve had two clients sign on to use Dgraph Cloud and the amount of bugs that are there literally make it unusable. We can’t have more than one active tenant at a time using ACL? The ACL page doesn’t even load if there are a lot of users…not to mention the auth directives continually break randomly. I’m sorry to say that we will be moving all clients off of Dgraph because these issues are critical for any enterprise application. Some of these bugs have been filed weeks ago without a word. Enterprise? Sorry, I don’t think so. I understand there are issues with the company now but this is not a stable platform, period.


You should come to the discord. More options are forthcoming…

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