Dgraph v1.0.7 release

Hey all,

First of all, thanks for your support. Dgraph has gone beyond 6000 Github stars, in just over 2.5 years, it’s incredible! It is now being used in production by big-name companies, which makes us proud and anxious at the same time. So, thanks for all your love and feedback.

We’re glad to announce v1.0.7 release of Dgraph.

Docker tags: v1.0.7, latest

It contains a lot of bug fixes since v1.0.6 and makes the system run a lot smoother compared to earlier versions. More information in the release notes.

You can get it with curl https://get.dgraph.io -sSf | bash.

Let us know your experiences with this version. Looking forward to your hearing about your experiences with this version.

Keep building!
-Manish and the Dgraph team


Can you publish list big-name companies

Not yet, would require permissions etc. But, can say that at least one of them is in Global Fortune 500 list.

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  1. How many big-name companies using dgraph
  2. possible to get testimony ?
  3. How many not given permission to tell name
    neo4j published, Neo4j Customers - Neo4j Graph Database Platform. Dgraph doesn’t want to publish or companies give no permission to publish ?

Jepsen why no publish test results yet ? Started testing in March

Hi Ian19861

Is there something be can help you achieve? Could we know what you are hoping to use this info for? If so, maybe we can provide an alternative solution to help you achieve your goals?

You mentioned big companies using, so wanted to know names.
If don’t want to tell or they give no permission or don’t want to ask permission, then don’t tell

Seeing too many issues closed in github since production ready release. Some critical issues.
What does production ready means ? Want to know from others how they using dgraph. Amount of data they put in graph, issues they faced. Which version they using in production.

So much work going on stability and bug fixes after production ready dgraph release without any features. Why so many fixes. Is it performance improvements ? i see no significant difference. Stability fixes ? Continous fixes(bug or stability) 7 month after release and no features not give me confidence.

To confidence stability in dgraph, want 3rd party results. Saw in github that jepsen started test so want to know result from him.

Don’t want to tell then don’t tell.


Still waiting for user authentication and gremlin support :slight_smile:

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I agree with @ian19861

It would give confidence, and reduce the hesitation to start a project with Dgraph, if we knew who else is using it in production and more details about their use-case/progress/etc. I would ask permission from every company that is using Dgraph in production and feature it on the site.

And to contribute to @ethanlynn point, I think a production release should have authentication.

Understood. We are doing the arduous work to release the companies we work with. So in the meantime, I encourage you to do something small with dgraph and let it speak for itself. We’re here to help.




What is in the v1.0.7a release? I saw the image on Docker and the tag on Github but see no explanation of it.

Has a little HTTP endpoint in Zero to allow allocating IDs.

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哈哈哈, 怕了你了…
尤其最后一句… 中式英语很拉风~

you can do user authentication in your APP level instead of waiting.