Enterprise support packages – Shut up and take my money

My company was hired by a large, publicly traded multi-national to solve a very specific data challenge they’re having. I’m quite familiar with many databases and have identified DGraph as the one that would be best suited for their needs. Actually–let me be more direct: It’s not obvious how their problem would even be solved at all with another database. I really want to use DGraph.

However, your story around enterprise support packages seems unclear. Are they available? I can’t find any information about this anywhere other than “we’ve got an enterprise features in the works”.

If I recommend the company to move their data onto a platform for which there is no enterprise support, I will be laughed out of the boardroom.

For example, what do we do in situations like this?

Spend the better part of a week doing diagnostics while management is breathing down our neck? Not going to fly.

I would imagine there’s probably some internal tension to avoid becoming an “unscalable consulting company”. Fair enough. But the problem is, without this, you’re going to have a hard time convincing enterprises to get to the point where they would be in a position to purchase the enterprise version at all.


Please do reach out to [email protected] and we can have a chat about our enterprise offering. That’s the best way to reach out for now.

Thanks for your excitement to use Dgraph!

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