Can't load movie dataset

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Posted by stevewpatterson:

I’ve been going through the tutorial, so far its been great. Unfortunately i’m stuck on loading the movie dataset. I did a wget for the file. It downloads fine. I can ls and see its clearly there. But when I run the next command in the tutorial: docker exec -it dgraph dgraphloader -r 1million.rdf.gz it outputs the following:

Processing 1million.rdf.gz
2017/10/01 08:20:13 open 1million.rdf.gz: no such file or directory

Thats all she wrote. If I click the file in Finder it unzips it just fine so it doesn’t appear that the file is corrupted. I feel like I’m probably missing something obvious.

pawanrawal commented :

Hey @stevewpatterson

Did you save the movie dataset inside ~/dgraph? The tutorial mentions

cd ~/dgraph

before doing the wget. This is important because while starting the docker container we are mounting ~/dgraph directory and the files need to be in that directory for it to be accessible from the container.

docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -v ~/dgraph:/dgraph --name dgraph dgraph/dgraph dgraph --bindall=true --memory_mb 2048

aryzing commented :

Also, as a heads up, I had to increase total memory to 4000 for the loading to work on Mac (2048 is fine in unbuntu).

paulftw commented :

Closing due to lack of activity or clarification from the original poster.