Friction log on DGraph Cloud

I thought I’d share 30 minutes of friction I found while sitting down for a session on DGraph today…

No explanation on why I can’t create a 2nd starter:
DGraph is my new default place to develop apps, which means anytime I get an idea or want to try a tutorial that is what I reach for. After Dgraph day I wanted to try a tutorial. It would have been a temporary throw away backend but I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t make one. To verify it was a pricing limitation, I created a new account with a separate account. A message would be nice.

Can’t pause or suspend a backend:
What I would have preferred under this pricing model is to be able to suspend or pause a backend, such that I can turn it on later and be able to use the same keys and schema. I’m even okay if you wipe the data (because these are just tutorial apps) but that would be even better if I could hydrate from a backup.

Better rate limiting message:
So I was rocking on my free backend but now I’m getting 429s. I couldn’t remember what that meant and it took me reading through this forum to realize that was a free backend limitation.

Can’t change owners in an organization:
So now that I’m paying I want to fold that new backend back into my primary account. Not obvious if that is possible, but I poke around and see organizations. Cool! Except it appears I can’t change the owner of an organization.

Bug: If you are on the settings tab and change the backend, you can appear to make backend changes without being the owner but it won’t work:
Whatever, even if I’m not the “owner” perhaps I can upgrade this backed to get those 429s away. I go to the backend settings then notice I’m looking at the wrong backend, toggle over to the one I’m not an owner of and go through credit card flow to enroll. It takes the card but fails with a contact support error. That is weird. I assume it is because I’m not the owner, but why not tell me that before the credit card entry? Then I see that if I try to reenter the settings page when with that backend already selected it doesn’t allow me to enter the credit card. So it seems we need to force a refresh of the settings page when the backend is toggled so users see the appropriate page.

Other attempts at moving a Backend to a different user:
Perhaps I just create a new backend, swap my keys, copy/paste the schema and upload a backup? Looks like backups can’t be downloaded (I don’t really want to download/upload anyway). Clone sounds great, except I still don’t think I can move a clone to a new user. Nope. But, I can have the target user create an organization, add the source user to the organization, then clone and make that new organization the owner. It worked! I still have to update endpoint URLs and keys but that is doable.

While cleaning up my organizations from the above work I ran into a couple bummer spots. I tried to delete my first org; not possible. Eh, that’s fine. My 2nd org was quickly named and now it appears there is no way to rename. Eh, I guess that is fine too. I tried to add a team member to the org, but it won’t let me. I think because they aren’t registered. Eh, that is fine I can ask them to register and then add them. I assume the above will all be possible one day and it is just early days. The last feature seems like one you’d want to support (create an email invite for unregistered users) for virality.


Hey - thanks for the feedback, we are looking into this.

@ericmand These are valid inputs, we will work on rolling out quickly fixable ones and you will see the changes soon. Few of the above points we also have noticed and are working on implementing them. Additional ones we have added to backlog and will work on improving in upcoming months :slight_smile: .

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