GraphQl Visualiser


Is there a decent desktop or web tool to use to visualise your Graph?

Previously I was playing with core and the HotChocolate framework and there was a tool GraphQL Voyager; but it seems that this only works on the GQL server side not for GQL clients.

Is there anything that people here use to do something like:

You can definitely use GraphQL Voyager with Dgraph. You can visualize your GraphQL schema by copying the schema introspection from GraphQL Voyager to visualize your GraphQL schema.

For benefit of those looking to try GraphQL Voyager, here are the steps I needed to take to make it work:

  1. Install get-graphql-schema (requires npm)
npm install -g get-graphql-schema
  1. Run get-graphql-schema against your Dgraph endpoint
get-graphql-schema http://localhost:8080/graphql > api.graphql
  1. Copy the generated schema to your paste buffer
cat api.graphql | pbcopy
  1. Paste contents into the SDL tab in GraphQL Voyager