Which diagram tool do you use to visualize your dgraph schema?

Hi, I wonder what you use for diagramming your schema for your team documentation to follow up. Maybe you use draw.io or lucidchart or something else, it would be cool if you could share a screenshot of one of your diagrams so that I can understand how to correctly make a diagram for a dgraph schema.

thanks a lot!!

I would post the screenshot of my schema if I could find it, but it was too complex for even me to visualize. I think it is around the forum somewhere, I thought. Hmm…

Anyways, I generated a quick diagram using

Just go to the “change schema” → “introspection” and then copy the query and run it on your API and copy the results back into the tool and viola!

There is also this if you want to shell out some money, but I can’t remember my feedback from trying it way back when.

And here is another topic I found in the forum about this too.

No 3rd party tool will understand Dgraph’s custom directives to generate a schema from a diagram, but the first tool I linked does a pretty good job and diagramming an existing schema.

There is the UI in Dgraph Cloud to help you build the schema but it does not “diagram” it there.

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