How about a list?

Hey @minions,

What do you think about providing an easy email list for sending us bug reports? This might make it easier for people to send us these. And they’re super important for us to know about and fix to maintain the stability of the system.

Something like


Hmm, we could do this. Would be interesting to see how many people register bugs on Github vs send it on mailing list.

I’m curious as well.

We’re already using Github issues for filing bugs. Anyone trying out or working on Dgraph could easily use Github issues to file a bug. Many projects hosted on Github use issues for this.

At a later point, once we start having real users, I think it might be a good idea to have something like a user group using Google Groups. The barrier to singing up and using a user group is really low, lower than Github. Most users are already familiar with them. And they can also search the group archives to see if something similar has be discussed in the past.

It’s really easy to set up and start receiving bug reports there. But we’d also have to keep this in sync with Github issues, which is ideally suited to discuss bugs in an open forum so everyone is aware of the discussion taking place.

Emm… In terms of user group, I’d say no. This is what discuss is for. Discourse is way better than an email mailing list.

The idea behind bugs is not a mailing list. Just an alias to shoot off the bug to us easily. I think knowing about bugs is really important for the stability of the system. So it might be worth the extra overhead of dealing with emails.

Agree, we should stick to discuss for this too.

We already have contact@ and we could easily set up bugs@ as an alias for it.

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It’s important to make it as easy as possible to report bugs so that we are aware of it. And having bugs@ would help reduce the effort of users in order to not signup or open an issue and just shoot an email. So, I think we could have it as we definitely want to know any bug that exists in our system.

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Awesome! Decided then, let’s set up, and then we’ll update our README and Discourse to let people know about it.

Have set up so we can start using it.

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