Introducing the Project Steering Committee

Hello Dgraph Community,

We have received a number of good nominations for the Project Steering Committee (PSC) from our customers, community members and code committers alike. Thank you.

Over time, we expect that we will create new sub-committees to address specific components and features of Dgraph based on interests and areas of expertise. We will use these opportunities to involve those that are not initially invited to participate.

The proceedings of the sessions will be published to update the user community and customers. You can expect to hear about the initial members of the PSC two weeks from now.

Please welcome the following initial PSC members: Suhabe Bugara, Rob Keevil, Jeremy Robertson, Jeremy Hindle, Brace Larsen, Loic Veillard, Ben Woodward, Anthony Master, Jonathan Gamble, Ibrahim Jarif, Mathew McNeely, Rahul Arvikar, Gajanan Chinchwadkar, Michel Diz, Raphaël Derbier, Damon Feldman and Akon Dey.

If you wish to bring anything to the attention of the PSC, you may email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you all.