Jesús Espino - Observability and Measurement in an Active Environment

Observability and Measurement in an Active Environment

One of the most interesting challenges of the Mattermost project is how to keep adding functionality to our users without affecting the performance. Detecting performance degradations and finding the bottlenecks is key to continue providing our users a smooth and rich experience. As part of this, Mattermost leverages some techniques and tools provided by the Go language and the Go ecosystem, which we will discuss in this talk.

About Jesús

Jesús Espino is a full stack developer at Mattermost, Inc. Prior to joining Mattermost, he had been contributing to open source projects for several years, especially creating and maintaining the Taiga project. He also co-founded Kaleidos, where he helped to develop and ramp up the software for multiple startups using open source tools.

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