Join Us on Our Weekly Slash GraphQL Demo Call

The Slash GraphQL team will start hosting weekly Slash GraphQL demo calls beginning next week.

Why should you join the call?

  • Check out Slash GraphQL and see if it’s right for your project.
  • Ask us any questions about building and deploying your apps - how to construct schema, how to implement auth, how to do custom directive. We want to help.
  • Come meet and hang out with the team!

We will host two calls every week, covering two time zones.

  • Join IST Demo --> Zoom link
    Every Monday, 2:00 PM IST

  • Join Pacific Time Demo --> Zoom link
    Every Thursday, 9:00 AM PT

If you want to join but the time doesn’t fit your schedule, let me know, and we can schedule a separate chat. Leave us a comment below if you have any questions.

We are looking forward to seeing your faces on the demo calls. :grinning:


I would really love to join a live session, but I might not make it as there’s lot of work during office hours.

So instead I would like a few of the questions I had, answered. I can later view the YouTube video released by Dgraph Labs :upside_down_face:.


  1. Will, there be a free tier, or a fixed price hobby tier? (In case my website remains a hobby project :sweat_smile:)
  2. Can I use Firebase auth with Slash GraphQL?
  3. Do we have access to admin, alter, etc routes?
  4. Can I use GraphQL± in another route? (To have a custom resolver querying the DB with advance requirements or To access disconnected nodes or To query without specifically knowing UIDs or use awesome functions native to the big brother GraphQL±)
  5. How local development differs from the self-hosted route?
  6. Slash GraphQL & Enterprise Edition feature comparison.
  7. Analytics & Transparency.
  8. What is the hardware used underneath. (Just to shut the geek inside me, screaming for specs!)

P.S. I have added my email in the waitlist.


Wow, that’s a lot of questions :-). [deep breath]

  1. Yes, there will be a free tier, at least that’s what we are planning now
  2. Haven’t checked specifically, but if Firebase gives you a JWT that looks like {“exp”:ts,“https://realm/claims”:{EMAIL: “”,“roles”:[“admin”]}}, then it will work. the realm is configurable of course
  3. Not today, but we are building that out pretty quickly. Your /graphql endpoint will be publicly accessible, but we will allow you to enable the GraphQL± endpoints (and whitelist IP ranges for production)
  4. Yes, see previous point
  5. No major differences, they are both running dgraph. There are some minor differences in how you send over the auth header. Also, we only currently support the GraphQL admin endpoint for setting up your schema.
  6. Slash GraphQL actually is running enterprise dgraph under the hood, so we eventually will have a good amount of the features available. However, since Slash GraphQL is a managed service, we will exposing these features via slash specific APIs (such as the ability to clone a cluster)
  7. Please elaborate on your question? At the moment, we are just calculating the query cost of each query. We might also find and present stats about how many queries you are running by type, so that you can optimise your query and performance.
  8. It’s on m5 boxes, using EBS with a lot of IOPS and that’s as specific as I can get :-). We are doing a lot of work to make sure that your cluster scales up in a way that’s transparent to you, and we are rapidly iterating on this a lot.

That’s a lot of detailed answers :sweat_smile:.

Thank you.