Simplified Slash GraphQL Pricing

Hello there everyone,

We are pleased to announce a much simpler pricing for Slash GraphQL. We have reduced the existing multiple-tier paid plans down to just one:

  • $9.99/month/backend for 5 GB Data transferred + $2/GB beyond that.
  • This plan starts with a free trial for 7 days, enabled by entering credit card, during which you can try Slash GraphQL without any data limits.

We are also switching our free tier to be limited by 1 MB of data transfer per day.

Slash GraphQL is the most advanced GraphQL product in the market. With this simplified pricing, we think Slash GraphQL is also the most affordable way to get a production-ready hosted GraphQL backend. Check out the offering at


EDIT on Jan 21 2021: We have updated this post to reflect that the pricing is now $9.99/month/backend.


Is there a way to get a running total of data transfered used date to month? The metrics show a graph and I can look at peak days, but missing a total amount somewhere.

I like this a lot better, i think! Much more simple, and I think very reasonable.


Not just yet. We are working on that screen, which will also tell you when your billing date is. It should be live by next week or the week after tops.

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Does this cover multiple backends as well under the same Slash account?

In other words, can I pay $9.99 and set up one backend for my app, and separate backend for the marketing site to hold the blog posts and pages, and just be billed on total data transferred?

Yes, though you will be limited to 3 backend per account.

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Will there be an option to add more backends so you don’t have to use multiple accounts?

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I’d also like to know the answer to this. Why does the limitation exist? 3 backends sounds perfect for a single project with staging/production environments etc, but what happens when you have multiple projects?

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We are updating our pricing so there’d be a base charge of 9.99 per backend per month. This would allow us to remove the limit and expand it to unlimited backends per account.

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Any chance you could make the base charge $5 per backend and decrease the included bandwidth/storage? That would make it far more tempting to use and learn for a hobby project.

I think charging based on storage and bandwidth (as you do now) is very elegant and doesn’t tempt one to make bad (cost based) optimisations in the way throughput or transaction based charging would.

However, the lower the bar to entry the more likely the uptake. Consider that DGraph has a fair amount of proprietary/new concepts I think it’d be wise to account for this.

For example I want to have a side project that I work on infrequently in my spare time, with hosting, object storage options, serverless etc this basically costs nothing so a $10 per month fee for the database is off putting.

Meanwhile once I’m fully onboarded and begin using Dgraph for paying projects it’s a justified cost or one I can charge the client based on usage.

Also why $9.99? $10 is sooooo much nicer!

quick question on this -

Above your post says “2 MB per day” but the banner says “1 MB per day”. Just wondering about the disconnect.

Also, is the free tier (2mb/day) deprecated? On website, it only lists “7 day free trial”.

On scaling. There’s also missing info on how is Slash scaled. Does it auto scale to as many nodes as traffic demands? How does that work? If it does not scale up number of nodes per backend ever, what is the max storage, compute a Slash backend can handle?

On the website, it lists “Horizontal scalability” for Dgraph Cloud but not for Slash. Would like to have more clarity, here and on the website as well, as I imagine I’m not the only one asking similar.

The free tier has been decreased to 1MB per day. We’ll update the post above. It has not been deprecated. The 7 day free trial is for the paid plan.

Slash scaling is handled internally. Slash is shared infra and (going to be) multi-tenant — so it would be auto-scaled as the data from tenants increase. There’s currently no limit on the max storage; that’s something we’ll evaluate over time.

Dgraph Cloud and Slash are both running Dgraph, so horizontal scalability works the same way — but in Dgraph cloud, you get dedicated instances and can specify how many shards you want and so on. Slash does not provide that level of flexibility.

Thanks for the clarification. Price per network traffic is brilliantly simple and fair. I expect it to be shared infra for a low starting cost service like this, just spinning up SSD backed K8 nodes would be costly, both literally and in devops time.

I suggest clarifying on the pricing website, the tiers and what limits there are for the Slash service. Despite shared infra, leaving out the checkmark on "Horizontal scalability " for Slash is short selling it? What about HA, are pooled together Slash backend instances setup as non-HA clusters then?

And what about “Synchronous Replication”, “Automatic Shard Rebalancing”? Even with shared infra, wouldn’t a Dgraph cluster setup with multi tenants still offer those things, intrinsically as Dgraph cluster features?

I’d like to know more about true limitations of the Slash service, compared to Dgraph straight. It sounds compelling for startup use cases and new product verticals in larger companies that I’d be interested in trying it for. But clarity is important for buy-ins.


Without multi-tenancy feature, as of today, Slash is not HA. Each Slash instance is run separately. But, that’d change once multi-tenancy is built. So, the docs are correct for the features currently available in Slash.

I see. So currently, each Slash backend is a single server setup, and its scaling is only vertically? If it doesn’t have “Horizontal scalability”