Make EE features optional on UI (hide or disable ACL login)

Users still getting confused with the connection box that connects and does logins to Dgraph. They think they have to insert groot login with password, but they don’t cuz it is necessary only when using the ACL feature, which is not set up (I mean activated, just available) by default.

This issue Dgraph /health endpoint should indicate the Enterprise features enabled. · Issue #5234 · dgraph-io/dgraph · GitHub was created to give this context to Ratel UI. So it can disable the ACL box based on the state information.

Based on:

I have this ticket assigned against @paulftw for this sprint. And while we are at it, we can grey out those links from the sidebar as well.

@MichelDiz a fix has been pushed to prod. let me know if it has solved the problem

Running locally (It is not live yet, for me at least) I see that
This server has unrestricted access (Access Control Lists are disabled).

yes, that’s the correct message shown for any server with disabled ACL.
play doesn’t use ACL