Modeling Tool(s)?

I want to get into DGraph for a new project and to get started with I would like to create a schema. Now I’m looking for a modeling tool, which fits in the graph / schema structure of DGraph. In older projects I worked with Protégé to model ontologies. I could use this again for modelling and transfer the content manually to a corresponding query but I wonder if there are other tools with direct support for DGraph. For example I would like to create all predicate target types, indexes, … in a graphical tool which supports export to a DGraph compatible schema query afterwards. Is there such a tool around? For me it’s just easier to keep the overview of my data model having a graphical view on all possible node types as well as how they are connected through predicates.

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You can tryout the Ratel UI.
docker run -it -p 8000:8000 dgraph/dgraph:latest dgraph-ratel

With Ratel you can control the Schema (alter), visualize result of queries, make mutations. And you can look for a way to fit the RDF logic you have in these tools like Protégé into Dgraph support for RDF.


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