Open PRs are building up on Github

Dear community and maintainers,

First of all, the intention of this post is really just to improve the project, and please please do not misinterpret my tone as condescending in any way or form. <3

I’ve been looking at a PR over on github, and it’s been stuck for some 10 days now.
While this is usual on some projects, what I’ve also noticed is that there are a bunch of PR’s dating back to March 2019. A lot of these are even approved, but never got merged.

While I am an outsider and have no insight into your internal practices, the optics of having 111 open PRs could lead to people forming wrong opinions.

As github issues were cleaned up neatly, may I suggest that the same thing goes into cleaning up PRs?
A lot of people have put a lot of brain work into making those, and it’s only to everyones benefit if those PRs get merged or closed, rather than living in limbo.

This could also be a great onboarding task to some newer developer to get to know what’s fresh and what’s old :slight_smile:


Oh absolutely. I agree with you. I myself had to wait 2 weeks for one PR to be merged. We’re looking into solutions and improving our internal processes. I’m developing a PR bot to communicate status to this forum, so I will definitely be looking closely at the kinds of PR that are open.

With any luck, this should be cleaned up within the next month or so -


And happy Hacktoberfest :slight_smile:

Some updates - I’ve started looking at this. I expect the queue to close by the week’s end, along side some new automation to handle such things.

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