Productivity and self sabotage


Read this sometime ago.

Already try to use the Pomodoro Technique and the 2 minute rule. Also most notifications on my phone are off like mail and whatsapp.

Document your highs and lows sounds interesting. Its like monitoring when you are most productive.

I kept my email notifications on the phone. But, I turned off Trello notifications and disallow any social media notifications. Anything which I think I don’t have to do anything instantly about – I just turn it off.

Also, my new desktop system really helps. It’s setup for productivity.

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great article.

I am a big fan of Pomodoro technique and have been using it for quite a while.

Along with that, I also like Don’t break the chain by Jerry Seinfeld to keep track on weekly goals (it could be study, exercise, socialize or anything). Although, TBH, I have had on and off relationship with Seinfeld’s trick for the last few months as I’ve been moving a lot and don’t have a permanent place yet, but hopefully that would change soon.

I use a wall calendar version of it but you could also do it online here.


Also, online pomodor timer. Here, you can even save and track your pomodoro time blocks. Could be useful to track how much time you were taking on a task in the past.

Forgot to mention, we use Toggl for managing the time we spend on a task. Its not in the Pomodoro format though.

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