Ratel server code to use for dgraph-ratel UI

(sushama) #1

I plan on modifying the ratel-UI, so looking for the existing ratel UI code to use and instructions to run it locally, without a docker image.

(Michel Conrado (Support Engineer)) #2

Sorry, Ratel is closed source. But you can create a competitor :stuck_out_tongue:
competition is always good.

(sushama) #3

i see, Any idea about this one - https://github.com/verdverm/dgraph-ratel/tree/master/components ?

(Michel Conrado (Support Engineer)) #4

Yes, it’s Ratel. However, it was a fork long before it became Closed Source. Ratel has already changed a lot from 7 months to here.

(sushama) #5

Is there a way to modify this fork, and it would work ok with the modified Ratel code ? Basically, instead of the Query Preview pane I want to add a UI component to accept key, value query for the input and feed that as rest call or whatever ratel server would take as input.

(Michel Conrado (Support Engineer)) #6

Dgraph is independent of Ratel. So you can create any viewer you like.

it seems interesting what you want to do. If you need someone to test and evaluate, just call me.