So the discussion of Dgraph founders post is marked spam

My earlier post has been marked spam as promotional.
Whoever is running the company and making such decisions please note:

This is not the way.
There was nothing argumentative, just to point the facts and how the new leadership was suppressing the community to discuss and ponder over how founder left the company and why? They have right to know.

You have lost the way. The community will move away.

VCs if you want to make money and that is only objective then do not pretend to support open source and Devs don’t open source if the purpose is to monetize.


And @Dgraph_Admin don’t offer to answer any questions via DM if you never plan on responding. All I want to know is who is running the Dgraph ship?

Hi crypto_bynbot, your account was among a flurry of several new accounts that were created within seconds / minutes of each other, making the activity look suspicious. However as you can see we have not blocked any of these accounts, including yours, to give you the benefit of the doubt, except for one. One of the accounts that was created within seconds of your account was Dgraph-Admin. This account then immediately replied to one of your messages. We suspended that account because it was overtly created to cause confusion with Dgraph_Admin.

We did not mark your post as spam, but perhaps someone else in the community did, or your close association with the account trying to impersonate this account caused your post to be marked as spam. (There are several of us logging in with this handle, and it’s possible one of us manually flagged that message as spam, but we don’t think so.)

Do feel free to discuss and ponder whatever you wish. We request that you not be part of any activities to create unnecessary fear and doubt.

It takes at least a couple of weeks for the new CEO and team to get settled. Dgraph's Future is what we have to say for now. We’ll say more when we’re ready.

If you are a paying customer of Dgraph you already know how to reach us to obtain support. If you are an open source user or contributor we ask for your patience. If you feel that that the couple of weeks necessary to reboot the team is too long, and you wish to move away from Dgraph, we would be sorry to see you go.

Hi amaster507, we did receive your DM and, while we’ve responded to others, did not prioritize yours as one needing immediate response. Dgraph's Future is what we have to say for now. We’ll say more when we’re ready. Until then consider the ship to be docked, with a crew change in progress.

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