DGraph Ratel 1.0.5 is Volatile

(William Callahan) #1

DGraph Ratel 1.0.5 is serving up a website that is volatile.

I can clearly see that the DGraph webapp is deriving its resources from an AWS Cloudfront distribution. I assume that updates are being posted to this Cloudfront distribution. If this is true, then these updates are causing breaking changes on a weekly basis. Is there a solution to freeze the cloudfront distributions for a given version of DGraph so that DGraph Ratel is reliable?


(Paul Korzhyk) #2

This is by design, as we want to decouple Ratel releases from Dgraph releases.
We’ve rolled out some bugs in the past, sorry about that. Working hard to only produce bug-free releases.

Easy way to disable the CDN is by appending ?cachedjs to the ratel URL. For example, I use http://localhost:8000/?cachedjs

IIRC this feature was NOT available in v1.0.5 and had some issues before v1.0.9. So you might have to upgrade dgraph if you need this. You can upgrade Ratel only, it should work fine with older servers.