Steps to do a Dgraph release

Summarizing based on the last release I did,

  1. Get the testing done which comprises of:
  • Flock test
  • Badger Bank
  • Dgraph Jepsen full including bank
  • Bulk Loader
  • Live Loader
  • 1TB Dgraph, Badger
  • Manual / Specific Testing etc.
  1. Add Changelog to master branch and release branches on GitHub
  2. Run “Dgraph Release Build” for respective release branches from Teamcity
  3. Once step 3 is done, pull the respective docker images and check if they have correct commit etc. (basic sanity test)
  4. Publish Changelog to GitHub for the release. Every release created from Teamcity pipeline creates a draft changelog that you can edit and publish.
  5. Tag docker latest to the latest release you did
  6. Announce on Discuss that we did a release! :smiley: