Templates for wiki.dgraph.io

List of templates that we’d install in wiki.dgraph.io.

Nischay will add more here.

I am adding this huge list of relevant ones… We can shortlist more.

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Hey @nischayn22,

Instead of using Wikipedia templates, use Arch Linux templates:

Look at the Arch templates, they’re a lot more relevant to us. You can ignore the hardware specific templates from Arch. And just bring along most of the others. Overall, you’ll have to use your judgement to consider what would make sense for us. We’re aiming to build technical documentation.

Also, Gentoo has some really nice templates:

Some nice templates from the list:

Overall, I think Arch Linux has fewer more useful templates. Gentoo and Wikipedia has too many.

You know what, let’s just focus on Arch Linux.

In particular, from Arch, you can copy all of:

Only Package and Misc templates aren’t so useful to us. The rest are.

Okay, cool. Let me see… Besides we can also change/customize them so no worries.

I am done with these templates.
Maybe we can start using them and figure out what more we may need.

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But, I think we’re missing a few key templates:

  • Also, the templates contain language from Arch Linux. All of that would need to be cleaned up.
  • Overall, focus on the quality of execution.


This exists from before, its not available on Archlinux. Looks like Wikipedia, but I think we could use a simpler version of this. Let me know what you think.


I had apparently missed importing the CSS. Its done now.

For this I need links to your bug tracker and typical links to individual bugs. If we don’t need to use this on the wiki, I can also remove it.

For rest, I am cleaning the ArchLinux stuff.

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Please use Github issues tracker: https://github.com/dgraph-io/dgraph/issues

Also have 3 templates:

  • 1 for bug (possibly red if open, and super scriped as done if closed
    – not crossed out, that looks weird)
  • 1 for issues (both bugs and issues are technically Github issues), and
  • 1 for Trello card. In fact, is it possible to have a template to embed the Trello card in the wiki?

From our public Trello board: https://trello.com/b/TRVKizWt/v0-4-release

We can provide the id owLzcoCy, and then you can sort of embed the above url as an iframe or something. One way to achieve this. Other way is using js:
https://trello.com/c/owLzcoCy.js , or

This might be useful when we write wiki pages for the version releases.

We currently have https://wiki.dgraph.io/index.php?title=Template:Bug

To be able to show different colors based on bug’s status it would need some customization to the template. But that would only result in a new field where you have to manually specify the status and it won’t get updated automatically. Do let me know if that’s okay so I can implement it.

Typical syntax will be like:


For trello boards we can use this extension:


I think the bug syntax looks good, we can change it manually (or possibly write a bot which can go through all pages and update mentioned bugs, if mediawiki allows it). You can possibly make the open or closed as a subscript, along with a color on that subscript.

Similarly, another one for Issue with open and closed.

The extensions look good. Looking forward to Trello integration.

For Trello integration see:


Also see https://wiki.dgraph.io/index.php?title=Widget:Iframe

The Issue template is WIP

This widget shouldn’t be used on a publicly-editable wiki.

So, we shouldn’t be using iframes? Or, we should just not be using them in a way where any link can be added there?

The point makes sense – we shouldn’t allow any page to be iframed within our wiki.

The bug and issue templates now have open and closed superscripted.


For Iframe thing, I plan to create a widget for Trello. See:

We can either continue to use the Iframe widget or wait for this to be done.

Let’s skip the iframe stuff. We can wait for the widget.

Should we add login with Google and Twitter plugins?


Google + Github If possible.


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