There's some documentation about all possible flags?

I would like to analyze all possible flags for the current Dgraph binaries. I did not find anything easy that could contextualize and explain each flag even as obvious as it may seem.

I believe there are some flags like -idx or -o and others that their behavior seems obvious but for other contexts is a inconsiderate or null. Just to be sure, would be good to have a section for flags for each binarie. In docs.

And knowing their behave we could be more efficiente and new users would know what to do before questioning.

Did you have a look at --help flag? For example, dgraph server --help. Each process has its own help which gives a description of the flags. We could improve the description if its not clear.

Yeah, but what I mean is insert those informations as documented. And maintain a continuity of this Because flags can be changed, they can be useless sometimes, they can not serve a certain context and so on. The user may end up using a flag that he does not need. So a documentation contextualizing that flag is interesting do you agree? And you contextualizing a flag to the user he can ignore it instead of getting tests one by one. Or end up confused.

Some users also do not have much sense of CLI. So let explicit and documented help.

Some are not aware that it is possible to up a container just to know which flags exist. Or you can send a command via docker exec to find the flags. Or can download the binaries and give the command directly just to know which flags exist. You see?


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