Transparency in Feedback for Slash GraphQL

Hi Team,

I gave a very detailed feedback for Slash GraphQL, what I loved about it and my perspective on how to improve few things in the front end.

However, I can’t see any listing about that, nor can I get any response. It feels like sending message into the void, never to be heard again.

Hey Abhijit,

Really appreciate the time you have taken to send across the detailed feedback to us - helps to have more perspective from a different set of eyes.
I have answered some of the concerns you have raised. Will be getting around to answering the rest of them as well once we have more clarity on the exact issue.

Thanks. :+1:

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Hi Phani,

Glad to know it has been seen.

I think we’ve had a bug in our JIRA ServiceDesk and our response to you seems to have not been sent out. We are fixing it soon. Sorry about this.

@gja let’s think about how can we use this forum for at least some portion of Slash users queries. I reckon Jira service desk can be repurposed for high severity or sensitive questions.