What's difference between slash graphql and dgraph cloud?

which is better for startups or development mode ? is there costs for migrate one to another ?

It’s all Dgraph Cloud. Slash GraphQL = shared Dgraph instances in the Cloud. The shared instances are cheaper, starting at $9.99 per month (good for beginners), while the dedicated instances start at $199 per month (good once in production).

We’ll have ways to allow people migrating from shared to dedicated instances via the cloud interface.

Slash GraphQL was renamed Dgraph Cloud. Dgraph Cloud has three tiers:

  • Starter (Free) is limited to 1Mb data transfer/day
  • Slash GraphQL (Shared) $9.99/mo for 5Gb data transfer with additional transfer $2/Gb.
  • Dgraph Cloud (Dedicated) prices vary based upon configuration. This tier dedicates the full hardware to your instance.

Slash GraphQL and Dgraph Cloud wordage in discuss and docs are interchangeable right now for the most part, though it is being refined to clarify what is meant where.


Another related question that I’m looking for answer
What is difference between Docker image dgraph:xx-slash and dgraph:vx ?

We’re keeping the name “Slash GraphQL” on the discuss forum for now, as there may be some users who are still accustomed to the old name. Eventually it’ll change completely to Dgraph Cloud.