Slash GraphQL Pricing

This post has been deprecated. Please see Simplified Slash GraphQL Pricing

Hey All,

Thanks for all of your patience. We’ve been working a lot on getting the pricing right for Slash GraphQL.

Shared Backends

Shared backends share resources with other slash graphql backends, and do not have dedicated CPU or RAM. As a result, shared backends my take time to warm up if they are inactive for a while.

Shared backends will be charged based on the credits that you accumulate across all shared backends. Credits will be charged in the following monthly plans:

  • Free - 10k credits. Beyond this limit, you will be limited to 1 request / second
  • $45 - 100k credits. Then $4.99/10k credits beyond that.
  • $99 - 250k credits. Then $2.99/10k credits beyond that.
  • $249 - 1M credits. Then $0.15/10k credits beyond that. (this has not yet been added to the website, we will be adding it later this week)

Any credits that you have been gifted can be used for making queries in any of the above plans. We will stop re-gifting of credits later this month, though we will still have other ways that you can earn free credits (stay tuned :slight_smile:).

Need more credits? Need HA? How about running Slash GraphQL in your AWS account?

Contact us at [email protected]


Could you clarify what this means, exactly?

You’ll be able to launch a new cluster, having its initial data copied over from an existing cluster. So if you integrate this with say GitHub pr, you could configure it so that on each or you spin up a db, apply a new schema, and launch a netlify app pointing at this db.