Windows support?

Hi guys, right now I’m (unfortunately) attached to window system, I’d appreciate if I could install and use dgraph on windows, are there any guide about how compile it for windows?..I’m able to be a windows tester :smiley: thank you so much

There is always the docker image. So working on a windows system shouldn’t be a too big of a problem to get dgraph running.

On the other hand, you can run go services on windows using, but I have no experience there.

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Docker only works on Pro+ (and education) version of Windows using hyper-v, so not everyone can use it, the only solution if you don’t have neither of those versions is use a VM with some Linux.

The Docker Toolbox can run with virtualbox instead of Hyper-V, maybe that is an option. Hyper-V does have a number of small/large issues with laptops (battery,suspend etc).

Good to know :+1:, it’s an alternative to run dgraph on Windows

In addition, we are on the pathway to removing our dependency on Cgo. This should make Dgraph run on windows as well, as it would be all Go.

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thanks for the reply guys, yes I’ve tried docker, unfortunately in my machine I’ve some troubles with it…now I was able to run dgraph with the windows subsystem for linux and run greats, at least for now

check this, worth the try!..

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