Dgraph database upgrade to newer version

Trying out the new 20.11 release I get the following error:

 manifest has unsupported version: 7 (we support 8).
Please see https://github.com/dgraph-io/badger/blob/master/README.md#i-see-manifest-has-unsupported-version-x-we-support-y-error on how to fix this.

I did not find the referenced section of the provided link, the link should probably be: https://dgraph.io/docs/badger/faq/#i-see-manifest-has-unsupported-version-x-we-support-y-error

How should I now go about the database upgrade? Should I follow the instructions in the FAQ and upgrade the badger database, or should I follow the procedure here https://dgraph.io/docs/deploy/dgraph-administration/#upgrading-database ?

Well, if you upgrade from e.g. v20.07.0 to v20.07.3 you don’t need to mind. But if it is a major release we recommend that you export it and use Bulkloader to reimport.

Also, I think that 20.11 has some breaking changes.

Are there any differences in exporting via the GraphQl query

mutation {
  export(input: {format: "rdf"}) {
    response {

and this query?
curl localhost:8080/admin/export

I only use DQL, will the GraphQL export still work, or does it only export GraphQL related data?

Edit: Just tested it myself, seems like both methods give the same data.

No difference, but the HTTP API will be discontinued in the future. In favor of the Admin GraphQL API.

GraphQL and DQL lives in the same realm. If you have a GraphQL setup, it will export your GraphQL schema and the Dataset will reflect the GraphQL pattern. But in general you should not mind about it.

Yeah, they are.