Push Notifications for Discourse

This https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-push-notifications/46692/1 looks really cool. @mrjn do they work for you? Is it easy to setup?

I had turned them on in my mobile phone, but I haven’t received anything just yet :-(.

@core-devs – are you getting these?

@core-devs - Not yet, let me see what am I missing here?

Another try @mrjn. Does it work?

Let see. This time it should work, @pawan!

They work for me @mrjn. And I got it instantly. That’s as good as a mobile app.

Maybe discuss is open in any of your tabs @mrjn?

Do you get this @minions?

Looks like my notifications are a bit broken, @ashwin95r @pawan

or possibly after a mobile restart, one has to go to discuss.dgraph.io first, before it can register itself to GCM.

So it should work for you now @mrjn.

@core-devs – looks like it’s working for you guys.

But clicking on it doesn’t open the browser

It does for me and takes me to the exact reply @minions.

Hopefully it works for you now @mrjn

@mrjn [quote=“mrjn, post:11, topic:524”]

im test for my site and i go there.
i enable this feature for my phone, who can do anything to me, Can i get notification on my mobile?
:smile: Thank!
And who can test my site: Môi Giới Tự Do

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