First login to Slash GraphQL

When I want to login to Slash GraphQL for the first time I am asked to set a password. Trying multiple passwords I always get “There was an error updating your password”:


Any help appreciated.


The request is sent to{EMAIL_ADDRESS}/set-password, and returns a 404 - Not Found. Is my email address not registered? I used the email address that I got invited with.

Problem solved, my email address has some capital letters and the URL used to send the request to also has. When I lowercase the URL above, I get a 200 Response. I will raise an issue with GitHub. Thanks.

Hey Enrico,

Thank you for sharing the problem. We have identified the cause and this will be fixed very soon on our backend.

I have raised this in GitHub. As a workaround users just need to change the url of that web form in the browser, lowercasing the email address. Then it should work.

Hey Enrico, the issue you created on github falls under the Dgraph repo. For Slash Graphql related issues, you can create a discuss post and/or raise a ticket using the Contact Us tab on the dashboard. This will put the ticket in the right bucket and ensure faster action on Slash specific issues. Feel free to share general feedback using the same. Thank you for your time.

@akashjain971, does this discuss post serve as a ticket? Is someone working on it? What is the status?

Hey Enrico,

The issue has been fixed. The root cause being, Auth0 stores all email id’s in lower case and is case-sensitive about it. We were forwarding them as received. Solution was to convert email id’s to lowercase.

Refer Auth0 docs for more.


Sorry for the delayed response on this, we should have gotten back to you sooner.