Slash-graphql CLI: Could not get device code from Auth0 on `slash-graphql login`

Fails with:

slash-graphql login
 ›   Error: Could not get device code from Auth0

You guys should really allow Issues in the GitHub repo.

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@chewxy There seems to be a lot of these issues surrounding the new authentication service that Dgraph created in Dgraph Cloud, but the Slash CLI did not appear to get the updates needed that coincide with this change.

As of March 25, only username and password auth is supported in the CLI. If you’re using Google and GitHub login, you’ll need to move to username/password auth in the CLI.

I understand what’s happening now - but it was very unclear originally, and also, I will have to create a new email just to do this since my personal and work email are both used up in OAuth (Google) login, and we cannot add a password to an OAuth account after the fact it would seem.

If you never created a password in the first place, you have to use “forgot my password” to create one.

I feel like this is bad security since the terminal log can store your username and password in one command. It seems the entire token command should be updated if you can no longer use it.

Also, there are still other slash-graphql errors that need to be looked at: