How to update Dgraph Cloud cluster to v21.03?

We recently paid for a dedicated, high-availability Dgraph cluster, and we were surprised to see that:

  1. We’re running v20.11.2-rc1-25-g4400610b2 instead of v21.03.
  2. The Dgraph Cloud web console doesn’t appear to give us a way to update to v21.03.

We’re also not sure how to access the Jira Support Ticket Portal that is supposed to be included when you pay for a dedicated cluster.

Can someone from Dgraph Labs please help me understand:

  1. How do we update to v21.03?
  2. How do we access our Jira Support Ticket Portal?

Hey @tron ,

If you’re a cloud customer, you can use the support desk available via the cloud interface. It’s on the left hand side, called “Support” under Resources.

Thanks @mrjn for the quick response! We’re all set.

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