Issues with Dgraph v1.0.6

Latest version of dgraph (1.0.6)many issues. Do you no test before release. Not able to maintain stable server with 3 nodes.

Production ready version out last year, why so many issues. No features and bug fixing from last year.

Neo4j much slower than dgraph but stable.

Jepsen test in roadmap.

When results published.

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There is dgraph 1.0.7 released too…

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@ian19861: Try the latest v1.0.7 release.

Since v1.0, there have been 7 releases all dealing with various issues that were found, improving system stability. Neo4j has been out for over 10 years, so of course, it has had more time to stabilize than Dgraph. But, try v1.0.7, you shouldn’t see the same cluster convergence issue. If you do, let us know.


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