No Example Works

I am extremely excited to use dgraph…but have yet to find an example that works. Maybe I am missing something simple, but this is going to make it significantly more difficult to get my head around how this works.

Walked through all of quick start (worked up till auth):

I’ve launched all these apps (sans chart), created user successfully but was not able to create anything (all silent failures)…

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Since the dev turnover I believe the backends for the public examples were under individual account and no longer available.

Have you tried the tours?

For auth examples, I wrote a somewhat thorough example in the dgraph blog titled, “Putting it all together”

Dgraph does good right now for your simple apps but when you need analytics or rock solid security it will fail in its current state. Hopefully development will get back on track to fix these vulnerabilities and mature the query languages.

Keep an eye out from the CTO @gajanan who should be posting a roadmap soonish.

Thanks for reporting this!

Can you let us know the endpoint for the Cloud backend created, while trying out the quick-start guide and sample apps? We’re actively investigating reports of issues with backend creation in specific AWS regions, which we suspect, could lead up to the silent errors seen. With your backend info, we’d be able to quickly help get you get back on track with the tutorials. You can open a support ticket through the Cloud dashboard > ‘Support’ option in the left nav-bar if you’d like to keep the backend details private.

As @amaster507 pointed out, the public examples from the DQL docs fail to run as well, but we are working on restoring this functionality on a priority.

If you prefer, we’re happy to have a conversation to get introduced, learn about your use-case(s) and address any roadblocks with your evaluation of Dgraph. Feel free to write to us at [email protected].

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