Slash Graphql alpha dev?

I have a greenfield that I’ve always been planning to use dgraph for. I see /graphql now, and that’s even better.
Slash Graphql would be the long-term backend, assuming alpha, beta, and seed stages go well.

Question about alpha-stage work, though:
I need a backend for dev. I’m scared of turning on a “real” /graphql, because it’ll likely be in alpha for quite a while before I can justify the $10/mo.

Which workflow would transition to prod better?
A. develop with dgraph locally, using the official dgo go client.
B. develop with a dummy, generic gql backend.

I’m in a gray area. I’m using go and would like to use the dgo client for full gql±, but I’m really excited about using gql to manage my structures for

A gives me part of that, B gives me part of that, but neither gives me all.

Well, I found this that hints at a very limited free tier - but may be perfect for alpha dev. I shouldn’t need 2mb/day xfer for what I’m doing now/soon

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Welcome to the forums. You’ll find this one of the most wholesome tech forums :).

You are correct. there is a free tier. It is enough for most small workloads. I personally use it for a lot of my actual work.


I went ahead with the setup. I suppose I’ll just run alpha for no cost in early dev, then start paying when/if it’s time to pay. Nice! Lol

Little off-topic, but I need to gush: I started this concept years ago and it was a nightmare to get the backend together, no matter what I used or how I did it - I’ve tried a few times and always the same results. I literally did it now. In 5 minutes. On my phone’s browser. O. M. G. Thank you, dgraph!

RocksDb is nothing. Lol.