Slash GraphQL navbar blocked

Hello. I just signed up for Slash GraphQL and noticed an usability problem right away.
When I’m taken to the dashboard for the first time, if I press the “10000 credits available” button, then I can’t go back to the Dashboard (where I was initially) because its button is disabled.
Thanks in advance


Apologies for inconvenience in the first experience. Yes the initial page is lost and there is no way to get there(except brower back button or site refresh). We will try to solve this experience in the next release.
You can go to the backend creation page by clicking the None dropdown and selecting Create a Backend.

Thank you for the feedback.

No worries. I managed to find my way back, but it would be nice if this was fixed, because someone else can find it confusing like happened to me.
Thanks for your quick answer


Thanks for the bug report. We’ve fixed this, and it should go live in the next deploy

This has been fixed: Slash GraphQL Release August 19 2020