Summon: the integrated workspace for developers built with DGraph

Hello DGraph community,

I’m a software engineer, and excited to tell you about this new product we built at Summon. We use DGraph as our knowledge database, which centralizes data from different sources. Learning about DGraph’s powers, capabilities, and limitations has been exciting.

Summon is an integrated workspace for development teams with deep integrations with GitHub, Jira, Google Calendar, and Slack.

The goal of Summon is not only to display data in one place but also to enable end-to-end workflows without switching between different apps. We currently support the following features:

  • Create pull requests
  • Request reviews of your pull requests
  • Review pull requests
  • Remind teammates to review pull requests on Slack (you click the button, and Summon sends the message for you)
  • Merge pull requests
  • Create issues
  • Comment on issues
  • Change the status of issues

By connecting data in a unified knowledge database, you can do things you can’t currently, for example:

  • Search across your data sources.
  • Have one combined notifications inbox (in our Summon Assistant) so you stay on top of what’s essential without getting lost checking all the different apps we use daily.
  • Customizable interfaces to fit your workflow. You can personalize Summon to your needs through our data “Blocks” (some might call them widgets).
  • An automated to-do list so you can see what you’re working on at a glance (GitHub PRs, GitHub reviews, Jira tasks, and bugs).

We’re starting to open up the product to early-access beta customers.

Send me a note [email protected] so I can share the link. Would love to hear your feedback.